Saturday, April 30, 2005


A 384-hour "filibuster" in Princeton & DC - Highlights, Press Releases
Through rain, exams, fighter jet incidents, and the bus ride to DC (in dead of night)... from April 26th to May 12th!

Your contributions of nearly $10,000 enabled us to sustain the Filibuster protest and bring it to Capitol Hill! We will use additional funds to build the progressive movement at Princeton. Thank you for your continued support!

You people should support the Progressive Movement @ Princeton by making a Pay-Pal donation @ the linked site!

Friday, April 29, 2005


Many conservatives have offered their opinion that I am a «poseur», «satire», a «faux lib», or a «Liberal Larry spinoff». Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a true progressive thinking individual, or a «liberal» if you will. I began posting vignettes on Scrapple Face last September to try and pursuade the conservatives there to change their vote and support Sen. Kerry. I continued posting after the theft of the 2004 election to educate the stain glass right wingers about the progressive movement. This year I found the «Blame Bush» site, and at first thought it was a progressive site. I soon found that it was satire; I then began posting there for the same reason that I was posting @ Scrapple Face - to educate. In the meantime I was banned from Scrapple Face. While reading Blame Bush one day, I found that someone had posted «is this our Howie?», with a link to Dean04prez's site. I found that too was satire.I am not Deen. However, Dean recommended I start my own blog, which I did, for the purpose of education.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


This evening I posted a vignette on Scrapple Face utilising a friend's computer. This was to bypass the block that Mr. Scott Ott has on my IP so as to provide a link to those who might be interested in my blog. «The Great Santini» then responded:

Um, if you can stop laughing long enough, please ask hoowie how his "comment" appeared here, if, as he claims, his "comments" have been "banned" by The Great Cheeto™. A: As I mentioned in my vignette, I was using a friends computer. My IP is blocked; if I use another computer I can vignette. Mr. Ott may still delete it, though. I know logic, cogency, thought, and spelling are concepts foreign to hoowie, but his 2047 post is the best argument I've seen in years for legalization of marijuana. A: I, too, support the legalisation of marijuana.

♪ ♪ ♪...hoo-oo-oowie,Have another hit! Fresh air!
(California Sunshine)
Have another hit!♪ ♪ ♪

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

After 29 Years, Last Syrian Troops Pull Out of Lebanon

After 29 years, the last Syrian peacekeeping troops left Lebanon. Lebanese of all walks of life thanked the troops for their sacrifice. The troops were deployed into Lebanon in 1976 to end the bloody Lebanese Civil War. This pullout was demanded by the Bush administration. Wow. The hypocrisy. Why is it OK for America to demand Syria pull out her peacekeeping forces from Lebanon when America wo'nt pullout her occuppation forces from Iraq? What hypocrisy. Could it be Shrub secretly wants to get his own troops into Lebanon? Or Israeli troops?

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Earth Day. We should be celebrating the earth and what does Shrub do? He wants to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic wilderness of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (ANWAR) This is only to line the pockets of corporate oil barons. He will probably sell the oil to Japan anyway because they killed too many whales so, do'nt look for lower prices at the pump. Not to mention the enviornmental catastrophe when a spill takes place. If we really want to celebate the earth we should conserve energy. Keep your heat no higher than 68°F. Use a sweater if you have to. Your AC should be no lower than 70°F, or better still, open a window. Walk, bike, or use public mass transportation. If you must drive, drive 55 or lower. And trade your gas guzzling SUV or Hummer for a smaller, more economical car.

Friday, April 22, 2005


What Bush should do (He won't) is the immediate withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, followed by a general withdrawal from all postings overseas. These withdrawals should be done not by redeploying troops at home, but by the gradual dissolution of our military forces. If America renounces fascism and imperialism, she will not need military forces, because she will not be attacked. Canada and Mexico are not about to attack America, and no other country is close enough to be a danger. The western hemisphere could then become a military free zone. Some weapons could be used in law enforcement. The rest would be scrapped and recycled to domestic products; a modern day equivalent to beating swords into plowshares. The dollars now spent on the military industrial complex could then be spent on jobs, women's issues, healthcare, education, and the environment. Eventually, as we relegate capitalism and greed to the past, and everyone is provided for, even law enforcement can be phased out.


It is time to pull out of Iraq. With continued car bomings it is obvious that this ca'nt be won. Iraq is Bush's Viet Nam. Sure there were elections. Sure theres a so called Prime Minister Allawwi. But they have'nt formed a government yet. Why?


This Iraqi leadership is going to survive as long as the unilateral American forces are there. Once the American's leave, there will be civil war and Iraq wiill fall to the so-called «Insurgents». The Sunni Triangle will be the first to go, followed by the Shiite south, which will bring Iran into the figting. Last to fall will be the Kurdish regons, and that conflict will undoubtedly involve Turkey. Like Nixon's war destableized Southeast Asia, Bush's war is destablizing the Middle East. A negotiated end to this war is the only way out. Support our troops. Bring them home. NOW.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Vatican SMOKE

A Vatican traditiion is the use of smoke to signal the election or not of a new pope. Black smoke for no pope. White smoke for new pope. So I tried an experiment to see if I could make smoke of different colours too. Like my own Vatican in my dorm room. In Edwards hall. So I tried some experiment to see if i could make smoke of defferent colors too. So I rolled a doob this morning and rolled lots of paper in it because they say when they burn the paper ballats in Rome it makes white smoke. So I lit it and the smoke was white! Just like the Vatcan. But it was a real bad smoke. Wrecked the weed. So I rolled a regular doob and smoked it up. Then I tried to make blabk smoke but I did'nt know what to use to ake the smoke black. So first i tried black paper but that made white smok too. Anmd match heads did'nt work either be cause they just made the doob burn up real violently and I burnt my hand and wasted the weed. Then I tried pencil shavings and that did'nt work either and it was real harsh. So then I tried an other one pencil which was one of those plasticy pencils that are painted yellow to look like a pencil and I put the shavings in a blunt instead of a joint because I was out of papers because I rolled them in the first doob be cause I di'nt have any ballots to make the white smoke. This made lots of black smoke but it smell real bad in her3e now and it was even worse smoking it. Now the RA is knocking at the door and asking what's going on in here and is everything all ihgt. I hav to go now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


The conclave of cardinals today elected the Rev. Joseph Ratzinger as the next pope. Ratzinger, who took the name Benedict XVI, will be inaugurated Sunday. Although long considered a conservative, this is not necessarily a bad thing for progressives. President R.M.Nixon wanted a conservative on the Supteme Court, and acordingly appointed Harry Blackmun, a conservative in anybody's book. Blackmun, however, grew in office and came to embrace progressive change. Ratzinger also could grow in office. Also, he is from Germany, a very progressive country. This could actually be the beginning of a very progressive period in the church.


The conclave of cardinals has been in sesssion, and they have failed to elect a new pontiff. This is an historic time of dealing and «horse trading». This I feel is an exellent opportunity to turn the Catholic Church in a new, more progressive direction by electing the second woman pope.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Soufflé von Helsing posited a very interesting series of questions on the "HacKKKers" thread, and, rather than answer it on the thread, I felt it was inportant enough to post as a thread in itself so my readers may discuss and offer their own vignettes upon it. Thank you Mijnheer von Helsing.

1. You say war is never the answer, and we need to open dialogues with those who want to do us grave bodily harm. So does this mean the Muslims should have simply converted to Christianity when the marauding hordes of Catholic do-gooders invaded their land during the Crusades? Or does the fact that they were neoKKKon Chri$tians justify their fighting back with any means necessary?
A. Religion is often itself the cause of war; in the crusades we are faced with a "chicken and the egg" senario. The Middle East was once predominantly Xtian, and was a part of the Byzantine Empire. Unfortunately the mideasterners were a different type of Xtian than the emperor, and suffered severe persecution. When Islam arose in the Arabian Penisula, the Xtian Arabs looked upon the Muslims as liberators not conquerors. Over time, Islam took hold. Bottom line, Islam held the hearts and minds of the people of the ME, and the Vatican should have stayed out of it.
2. Also in the same vein, and in light of the fact that the evil neoKKKons of AmeriKKKa are in bed with the Israeli Zionists in oppressing the innocent Palestinians in their quest for a home of their own, was it wrong for America to fight the Nazis during WW2 and free the Jews from Auschwitz? Doesn't this mean the progressive Europeans at that time were doing the right thing after all?
A. As she did not enter Iraq to promote "democracy", America did not enter the Great Patriotic War (WWII) to free the Jews. She entered because business interests wanted her to. While freeing the Jews was arguably a good thing to do, remember America did'nt even (purportedly) know about Auschwitz until the time of liberation. Germany under the Nazis had many progressive ideals, and would have gone down in history as a beacon of progressivism had her leadership not attempted to exterminate the Jews and had they not gone on their military adventures. Remember Germany and the USSR were once allies, and together could have been a progressive vanguard had Germany not turned on her ally.
3. Third question about war (since my own bloodthirsty Texas past has it so ingrained into my head), shouldn't the Palestinians lay down their arms and stop resisting the oppressing Israelis in order to become more enlightened and progressive, or does the fact that they are Muslims fighting against a religious/political organization that normally has close ties with Christianity justify war in this case?
A. It is the Israelies who must lay down their arms. A. Sharon must talk to M. Abbas, hat in hand, and right the wrongs committed against the Palestinian people by Isreal.
4. My last question. Is it OK to key any car I see with a Chimpy McHitler bumper sticker? Or should I just try to peacefully talk some sense into them? Use your judgement here. If the owner is present, by all means try to peacefully talk sense into them. If no owner is in sight, don't waste your time looking for them. Just key the car.Is it also OK for me to throw things at neocon speakers who invade our progressive campuses, or should I try to have a civil, reasoned dialogue with them in the hopes that they will see our point of view? These are hardened right-whiners, and cannot be reasoned with. They must be stopped. Pies are the recommended objects to throw.


The dates are now in Dutch, as The Netherlands are a very progressive country.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Work of hacKKKers?

Recently 2 vignettes were deleted from a thread here. Namley the «Still banned from Scrapple Face» thread. I did not delete them. Probably a conservative hacKKKer. I did'nt delete these vignettes and I even invited the writer of the vignettes to repost em. The only vignette I ever deleted was one written by me because I thought CamoJack was mad that I wrote it. Maybe it was a hacKKKer and not Scott Ott who banned me from Scrappleface. When progressive change comes [and it is coming!] hacKKKers will be dealt with.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


I probably wo'nt be posting much 2day because there is a party on my floor 2nite. 4th floor Edwards Hall at Princeton . I have to help set up the kegs and music I t starts @ about 7 but wo'nt be really started til about 10.

The Wonder That is the Hotlibgirl

Here is a picture of The Hotlibgirl. Just scrol down a couple cliks.

Friday, April 15, 2005


I changed the date to French. I feel that is very progressive.

Still Banned fnom Scrapple Face

This is what I got when I tried to post on Scrapple Face:

Comment Submission Error
Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

You are not allowed to post comments.

Please correct the error in the form below, then press POST to post your comment.

All I wanted to do was post a comment about my new blog. So the neocons can learn about the progressive movement.

Pope John XX

The time has come for another woman pope. That's right another.On the death of Pope Victor III 9/16/1087 the conclave unanimusly electd one John Anglicus, a Englishman who had studied in Mayence, Germany. He was Pope John XX. But John was actually Joanna. A woman! As a girl she enrolled in seminary discuised as a man and was ordained a priest. She was so talented in the ministry that she rose thru the church hierarchy all the way up to the Vatican. All the time disguised as a man! Joanna served as pope for 2 yrs 7 months, and 4 days. At that time, while getting on her horse, she gave birth. She was then seized, beaten, and tied to the horse and dragged through the streets of Rome, after wich she was stoned to death and the baby smothered. Both corpses were then thrown into the Tiber River and caried out to sea.The name of Pope John XX was stricken from the records of popes and locked away in a secret Vatican archive. To this day if you look at a list of all popes you will see Popes John I thru John XIX and John XXI thru John XXIII, but there is no Pope John XX. It is time the cardinals make this right by electing another woman as pope.


Some of my posts are vignettes that I posted on other sites. If I repeat them, it's because I feel they are important issues. Read them. you might learn something.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A New Progressive Blog

I have my own blog now!!!!!!!!!!! This is my blog. My name is howie and I am very progressive. I support progressive change and passive survival. More abot that later. I am a junior at Princeton University with a 3.8 GPA. My major is education and my minor is history. Dean04prez said I should have my own blog and so here it is. I will post educational vignettes periodically. Read them . You might learn something.