Thursday, April 28, 2005


This evening I posted a vignette on Scrapple Face utilising a friend's computer. This was to bypass the block that Mr. Scott Ott has on my IP so as to provide a link to those who might be interested in my blog. «The Great Santini» then responded:

Um, if you can stop laughing long enough, please ask hoowie how his "comment" appeared here, if, as he claims, his "comments" have been "banned" by The Great Cheeto™. A: As I mentioned in my vignette, I was using a friends computer. My IP is blocked; if I use another computer I can vignette. Mr. Ott may still delete it, though. I know logic, cogency, thought, and spelling are concepts foreign to hoowie, but his 2047 post is the best argument I've seen in years for legalization of marijuana. A: I, too, support the legalisation of marijuana.

♪ ♪ ♪...hoo-oo-oowie,Have another hit! Fresh air!
(California Sunshine)
Have another hit!♪ ♪ ♪

8 Vignettes:

At 10:53 p.m., April 28, 2005, Anonymous mrsevilneocon vignetted...

Howie is a big fat liar! Howie is a big fat liar! (this is not meant to be, "news.")

At 8:42 a.m., April 29, 2005, Anonymous African Moonbat vignetted...

Howie, this is amazing! You've got a friend. Who would have thought.

At 8:19 p.m., April 29, 2005, Anonymous Mariana vignetted...

"Howie is a big fat liar! Howie is a big fat liar!"

Momto10 IQ: 13

Age: 6

At 8:27 p.m., April 29, 2005, Anonymous mrsevilneocon vignetted...

Mariana: Sense of humor--zero

At 12:22 p.m., May 04, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous vignetted...

She probably doesn't consider your junior idiocies "humor".

What you need is some wit, dumbell.

At 12:19 p.m., May 07, 2005, Anonymous freethinker vignetted...

To all the anonymous posters. If you have something to say, why not say it AS someone, why hide behind an anonymous facade. True, with "handles" you dont know who a person is, but at least you know who you're responding to. If youre that chickenshit, then remain hiding and keep your trap shut!

At 7:21 p.m., May 07, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous vignetted...

"If youre that chickenshit, then remain hiding and keep your trap shut!"


You want me to be "freethinker2"? That'll tell you something you don't know?

You're a panic.

At 11:20 a.m., May 10, 2005, Blogger inlove vignetted...

Hi Howie. You have e nice blog to. I have just an question, do you speak albanian?


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