Friday, August 26, 2005


Here are some quotes from that Gold Star mom for peace, Cindy Sheehan:

War is never the answer. Communication and compromise are the answer.

Instead of trying to kill our adversary, we should sit down at the peace table with them in Paris, Geneva or some other neutral place. We should find out what it was we did that offends them, and how we make it right. Then, follow through and deliver.

Iraq is Bush's Viet Nam.

Like Nixon's war destableized Southeast Asia, Bush's war is destablizing the Middle East. A negotiated end to this war is the only way out. Support our troops. Bring them home. NOW.

If America renounces fascism and imperialism, she will not need military forces, because she will not be attacked.

When the world sees that America has changed, and she is no longer a threat to world peace, the other nations will be able to use their money to help their people, instead of defending them against American imperialism.

The hypocrisy. Why is it OK for America to demand Syria pull out her peacekeeping forces from Lebanon when America wo'nt pullout her occuppation forces from Iraq? What hypocrisy. Could it be Shrub secretly wants to get his own troops into Lebanon? Or Israeli troops?

More butter. Less guns.

This war was a bad idea; wrong war wrong time; a war for oil not freedom. End it. Now.

I must repeat myself again on Bin Laden. WE MUST TALK TO THIS MAN.

Actually, none of them are true Sheehan quotes. They are excerpts from several of my howie "vignettes", simply copied & pasted. The scary thing is, if she hasn't said any of these quotes, she easily could, and probably will. You can't make this stuff up.
And sadly, she daily tramples the memory of her heroic martyred son, Casey.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Illegal immigration has once again made the news. Rush has repeatedly warned Republicans to get ahead of this issue or the Democrats might attempt to grab it for themselves. In the past week Govs. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Janet Napolitano of Arizona, both Dems, have come out with a "get tough" policy on the issue and the media is fawning all over them; were they Republicans they would both be called racists and worse.
Let's have a look at just who's racist.
Remember earlier this year Mexican President Vicente Fox, an advocate of continued "migration" of his citizens through an open U.S. border, stated that Mexicans "are doing jobs that not even blacks want to do there in the United States". He was rightly criticized for this comment.
Baldilocks in May posted a thread which explores the issue of Mexican racism. She wrote, "By the way, President Fox wants his country’s 'inferiors,' that is, those Mexicans of more Indian heritage, to migrate to this country. Why do you think his government encourages illegal emigration? Better than what many other leaders have done with their “inferiors,” don’t you think?"
So rather than deal with their Indian citizens as equal members of their society, the Mexican government would rather they just left. I can't really blame the illegals for wanting out; if I were in their shoes I would want to get out of Dodge myself. Unfortunately, Mexico's racial and economic problems should not become Americans' problems too.
And apparently they don't much care for their black population either; read
Mexico is not a U.S. ally; it is not a trading partner. Mexico's actions over the years have earned it runner up status as a rogue nation! And if illegal immigration alone isn't reason enough for troops on the border, perhaps the utter lawlessness of places like
Nuevo Laredo is. Or Mexican military incursions onto American soil. I mean their troops in the U.S. Sometimes they shoot. Can you say "act of war"? Just in case I didn't get my point across, their troops came into our country.
These are not the actions of a good neighbor. Once is a mistake, or overzealous troops; this frequently and it's policy.
They'd be singing a different tune out the other side of their mouth in Mexico City if Americans suddenly stopped vacationing in Can Cun, Cozumel, Cabo, Acapulco, or anywhere else. Or if we could shut off the cash pipeline from the Mexican "diaspora". It'd be nice if all those U.S. dollars dried up. Won't happen though.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Here is a blog with some great historical information. Called "Stop the Republicans", it is The Lone Ranger's very interesting chronology of the GOP's efforts to block the Dem agenda. I won't dwell on it other than to say, "Click the link" and read.

Monday, August 08, 2005


Relax. There is nothing wrong with your computer! Nor has this site been hacked. It's simply time to put this baby to bed. It's been a fun trip, but after 10,000 hits it's time to move on to other things.
That's right. In case anyone is still wondering, this is satire! (You nailed it, Hawkeye!) I am not a 21 year-old, dope-smoking, spellingly challenged, shallow, left-wing looney, Ivy League legacy brat. No, I'm a 45-year old father of two great daughters who has been a conservative since high school - before I could even vote! I'm a product of the Catholic School System where I received a conservative education. Thank God I wasn't subjected to public school. (Josh Fahrni, your parents are so right to home-school you!) I never tried weed, even non-inhaling. Oh, and yes I can spell!
Why start this blog? Well, back in 2004, I was surfing the net, reading various blogs. Running across some lefty blog, DU I think it was, I decided to have a little fun. I came up with this blithering blather about passive survival and how we need to talk to Usama binLaden and building a mosque at Ground Zero. I wanted to see what reaction I got from the lefties. Only problem is, you have to register at DU and many other lefty sites. I didn't want to do that because I knew someone that did it and kept getting spammed. What to do? So finally I decided to post it on a conservative blog, ScrappleFace, and let everyone beat up the lib. I chose the name, «Howie», because it just sounded like a whiny, sanctimonious liberal weenie. (Apologies to any Howards or Howells out there!)
Howie soon became a created character with a personality. Howie is arrogant, whiny, a know-it-all; he's shallow. Howie's «knowledge» is all by rote. It's all surficial; he has his lefty views but he really hasn't a clue why. Howie doesn't believe, he «feels». When challenged on his views he doesn't defend them, he falls back on, «Presemt a neocon wiht the facts abd the tuth and recieve an ad-nominem pesonal attack in returm». His spelling is right out of public school. Oh, and Howie uses these irritating «European» quotation marks.
After the 2004 election, I decided that Howie needs a blog of his own. I looked at Typepad, but they charge; Howie was not that important to become another bill for me to pay. Finally, this past spring, I discovered Blogger and, after being urged by dean04prez to"totaly start a blog of you're own", I started this blog.
Building upon Howie's arrogance, I started comment-spamming blogs on both the right and the left. You know, "Nice blog..." This got me traffic. I got conservatives who were angry at this lib brat spamming their site; I got libs, many of whom were totally supportive of Howie's views, no matter how extreme. And I deliberately pushed the envelope on that, too. Some of the libs seemed like sincere people who just had the wrong views; nonetheless they were sincere. Others were the type where you just want to take a shower after visiting their site. I found a veritable ocean of great conservative blogs. Camojack, Josh, Beerme, many others. (See sideboard.) Sorry about the stupid comments, guys.
The puppet face. About that. There's a reason. That puppet was called Dorshock and it was on The Sandy Becker Show, a New York kids' show from the 50s and 60s that I used to watch. Dorshock's entire vocabulary was, "blah, blah, blah, blah." Suits Howie doesn't it.
So, time to put Howie away. I haven't decided whether to stay on as a conservative blog, or to shut down, but it's been fun, especially reading the great responses to Howie everyone has posted!
A big thank you goes out to the great Scott Ott of ScrappleFace and Professym Lawrence "Liberal Larry" Chomstein of BlameBush for inspiration for this project.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


R O _ E R T S
_ O _ E R T S
S O _ E R T
S O _ T E R

And the answer is: Your leaders have abandoned you!